Loading data unsuccessful


Hello Experts,


I have 3 models 1.Data Hub, 2.Dev & 3.Test, I have a normal list(not numbered list) in all the 3 models and I too have created the actions in respective models.

my query is here below in step by step order.


Step1: I have changed the list item name in the list from "ABC" to "XYZ" and ran the action in dev model, It is successfully loaded from Data Hub to Dev and seeing the name changed of the list item in my dev model.

Step2: Now I am running the action from the dev model to test model, here I could not able to see the name changed in my test model & still is it showing the same old name exist.


Note: None of the actions has checked as production data.

Kindly do let me know the solution and Thanks in Advance.




  • Can you add some screen shots that will help us diagnose the problem



  • Hi,


    It depends if the list you are referring to is a Production List or not.

    If it's a Production List, then the action in Test should be pointing to the Data Hub;

    If it is not a Production List, then you should do a Compare and Sync from Dev to Test.




  • Hello LipChean,
    Thanks for the quick Response,
    1. It is not a production list, If the compare and sync is the option to do from Dev to Test all the time I can not do it in future.
    2. But still my action is working fine with the load from Data Hub to Dev and not working fine from Dev to Test.

  • Could you share screenshots of both the mappings for both the successful and unsuccessful imports, as well as the configurations for the lists in both dev and test models?


    What did happen when you ran the import from Dev to Test? Perhaps restore Test to a serial prior to the import, rerun the action and capture a screenshot of the results and share here.