Saving a module view in deployed model




When I try to save a model view in deployed model, I get a message saying "Deployed mode is enabled for this model. You do not have permission to change structural data.  I have "Full Access" to this deployed model.  


I was hoping that there is functionality to allow users, especially those with Full Access, to be able to save additional module views so that they can re-open those views instead of having to recreate them all the time in deployed models.


Is there a way that I can have this permission to change module views granted for selected roles?  Or even have the ability to create personal views such as the one allowed for dashboards?





  • Hi @m.angeles,


    During Deployed Mode, you can enable or disable the Personal View Dashboards without breaking the synchronization process. However, you can neither change the module view nor can save the dashboards with Full Access.




  • Module views are structural data so cannot be changed by end users.

    It is bets practice to have end users interact through Dashboards rather than modules directly, and as mentioned Personal Dashboards are available but are limited to a single view

    If you need multiple views for different types of orientation, you can alway create these as alternative dashboards for types of end user and assign the dashboards to their role