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Can you please help in addressing the below issue ?


While running an import from a List in a model to a List in another model am getting the error  (it's identical List in both the models)


Too many cells for RANK calculation: actual=10161774 maximum=10000000


Any guidance / help will be great


thank you


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  • rob_marshall

    @Venky_Rogers ,


    First, you should not be running an action to import data from a List, it should be from a view where proper filtering can take place (this is not available when doing List to List imports).


    On to your question...You have to be careful with Rank as it has a limit of 10 million cells (which you hit) because after 10 million cells, the Rank function can hinder performance.  The reason you are getting this error is in the module you have the rank function, you probably have another list in the Applies To which is not the same (in volume) as in  your source model.  Thus, the overall cells in this calculation (in the target model) exceeds the threshold.


    From the help (😞


    • Cell Limit - The RANK function could be slow to evaluate at large data volumes, due to performance characteristics of sorting an arbitrary set that takes O(n * ln(n)). An artificial limit of 10M cells is imposed to prevent ranking of large datasets that would slow down the server: if this is exceeded, the model is rolled back. Note that when used against datasets of more than 1 million cells, any change in source values could result in calculations that take a few seconds.

    So, how to get around this?  In order to answer this, we would have to know more about what you are ranking.  Does the Rank line item really need to be across multiple lists or can it be by only one list?  If so, put the rank in a System (SYS) or Properties module with the Applies To being the list needed.


    Hope this helps,




  • Thank you Rob. I will have to check the actions & yes it referes the other list subset & also a module.


    Strangely the imports works in other workspace


    Thanks for the help, this detail gives me to check it from all angles

  • @Venky_Rogers 


    It is working in the other model (Source) because I am betting you don't have the same record count in all of the lists, or your time settings are different.




  • Rob, the records counts almost same in DEV & QA Workspaces


    However i have seen the differnce in Time setting between Model A & Model B, but this Time setting is exactly same in DEV & QA Worskpace, the import works in DEV but not in QA


    Time Settings


    Model A:


    Fiscal Year Start Month : Jan

    Current Fiscal Year : FY19: 1 Jan 2019 – 31 Dec 2019

    Number of Past Years : 1

    Number of Future Years : 0

    Include : Total of All Periods


    Model B:


    Fiscal Year Start Month : Jan

    Current Fiscal Year : FY18: 1 Jan 2018 – 31 Dec 2018

    Number of Past Years : 0

    Number of Future Years : 1

    Current Period : Jan 19

    Include : Quarter Totals



  • @Venky_Rogers 


    Didn't you mention subsets?  Are the record counts of those subsets the same?

  • sorryt, the subset we are using is a boolean not sure whether i can get the count, also it's used in other list which mostly not referred in the list that's failing

  • @Venky_Rogers 


    Export the list from Anaplan into Excel and you can do a count on that.  As for the one in Dev, create a module with just that subset with a single line item named Count.  If you have a top member on the list, you will be able to see the total.

  • @Venky_Rogers ,


    Here is another trick...Look at the cell count of the line item using Rank in Dev as well as QA.



  • Rob, thank you for your cue on importing from the saved view, apparently there was a module with saved view from where import into a list was happening, but somehow that saved view had got corrupted in the filters & pivoted columns


    I could able to resolve the issue


    thank you for your help