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Hi, i had problem about import data to anaplan connect, i have file excel and modules using time periode, when im import using anaplan connect the data automatically enters without (mapping)selecting time (ex jan/feb/mar). 


My question is, how to (mapping)select time on anaplan connect ?

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  • jesse_wilson

    To use mapping property, you would simply add this option after specifying the import name, then provide the property and value.




    -import "Load purchase data" -mappingproperty Time:Jan-19 -execute


    For imports that prompt at runtime for a time period, this would load data for Jan 2019. You can also use a variable in place of the hard coded value so you can pass in the period when you run the script, or you can use -mappingproperty Time:?. The latter will prompt for a value, but this means the script execution must be attended, so using a variable would likely be a better option.




  • Hi,


    Could you provide a screenshot of what you're experiencing? The mapping for a dimension is set in Anaplan, not Anaplan Connect. So, if time isn't mapped correctly, you should fix this in Anaplan UI, by editing the import action. If the time mapping should be promped every time you run the task, you can use the -mappingproperty option in Anaplan Connect. 



  • Panji
    What is mappingproperty ?, would u give me information about it.
  • Please review the Anaplan Connect documentation for mappingproperty. It doesn't provide an example, but describes the functionality fairly clearly. In your case you would use Time:<period/date/etc> for this option.


    You can pass variables into your Anaplan Connect script as well so you can approach this more dynamically; there is a great deal of information online how to pass variables in batch or shell scripts.



  • Panji

    I have finished reading the document that you provided, but I am still confused in its application. can you give me an example of the script ??