Dynamic Display of Time Periods

Hi Experts,


I have multiple dashboards, But I am taking only 2 dashboards as examples here.

1. Admin dashboard 2. Other dashboard.


We have current date set up module published in Admin dashboard (please find the below screenshot for reference),


Current Date Set-up.PNG

whenever user used to setup the current date in admin dashboard, the same date should get reflected to my 2nd dashboard(other dashboard),I am also attaching the screenshot of second dashboard below.
now it is showing 2019, but I am trying to change it to 2018 or 2020 I am not seeing any changes in my 2nd dashboard,
For Example: In above screenshot the current date set up year is selected as 2019, but I am trying to change it to 2020, it should show the same 2020 in my 2nd dashboard(other) but which is not updating in my 2nd dashboard and showing the same old result.

so automatically the results should reflect in the below for company quota (before adjustments), Quota Adjustment% and Company Quota (after adjustments) to Q1,Q2,Q3, Q4 & FY other dashboard.


Other Dashboard.PNG.

Kindly help me how can I achieve this issue.


Thanks in Advance...










  • Hi SK,


    Assuming you have the existing modules below:

    1. Current Date with line item 'Date'

    2. Region level Quota Adjustments


    You can create 'Time Admin' module with the following line items:

    1. CY Quarter? = YEAR(START()) = YEAR(Current Date.Date), Format = Boolean, Applies to = Quarter, Sum = Any


    Then create a filter in 'Region level Quota Adjustments' by referring to 'Time Admin.CY Quarter?'.




  • @CommunityMember82499 


    This is quite easy to achieve

    1. Add an additional line item (formatted as number) to your Date input module


    2. Create/use a Time Settings module dimensioned by quarter with a boolean line item set to ANY as a summary

    2019-04-01_09-43-21.png3. Set the filter as below in your target module



    4. Now the module will filter on refresh after the date change







    Hope that helps


  • Hello David,


    I am following your approach, I have completed the 1st step successfully, but I am trying to create the 2nd step I am getting this below error.


    Error 123.PNG


    Kindly please do let me know how to avoid this error and complete my task.




  • What is the dimensionality of the first module?  What is Year over Dummy Entry Hierarchy?

    The solution assumes no dimensions



  • Hi Davis,


    Please find the below screenshot for your reference





  • same question though

    Why so you need Dummy Entry?  I see that you've got a SELECT statement in there.

    Can you use a module that has no dimensions?


  • Hi,


    Someone has created the current date setup module, I have just added the Year line Item as you suggested. Now please tell me how can I achieve my query?




  • Ok, it's difficult to know without seeing if Current Date is being used elsewhere, but, as you can see, the other line items don't have any dimensions, so I suspect that the Dummy Entry could be unnecessary.  The fact that there are SELECT statements focussing on a single item in Dummy Entry I suspect it's redundant. 

    As an aside, SELECT on detail items is a no-no!!

    Have a look to the right of the blueprint view and see where/if CurrentDate is being used.

    If is isn't used for anything, you could remove Dummy Entry from that module


    If you are not sure, I would just create a new module (without dimensionality) and then use that first to get the filter working



  • Hi David,


    Could you please show me the bluepint view of this bellow step.



  • Sure

    Really simple



    Only dimensioned by time and this is why you are getting the error:

    You are going from a module with Dummy Entry in and Anaplan doesn't know what to do with it!

    Without a top level you have to use something (SUM, LOOKUP, SELECT) to map it.

    We could just add Dummy Entry to this target Module, but then you are transferring the issue to the filter; as you will have to decide which "Dummy Entry" item to use


  • Hi Davis,


    Now, I am trying to create the new module (Current Date), could you please help me with what dimensions should I take to create the new source module and guide me with step by step process with screenshots.




  • If you are creating a new module, there are no dimensions, just Current Date and Year line items




  • Hi David,


    What are all the fields should i select for the "Applies to", Time Scale & Time Range to the below screenshot?



    As I told I have created the 2 modules, 1. Current Date Input(Source Module), 2. Time setting Module with the new line item called: Date Choice? please find the below screenshot for the same.



    I have published the new current date input selected line item to admin dashboard. and trying to select the 2019 data the other dashboard looks fine. see the below screenshot.




    But whereas, I am truing to select the 2018 or 2020 data, I could able to see the same as like 2019 in the other dashboard, see the below screenshot for reference.




    Result is showing like this when I was trying to select 2018 in my current date in admin dashboard. no quarters are visible here.



  • for your first question, there are no applies to or time settings, the input module is just line items


    In terms of your filter, one the face of it, it looks OK

    Just be careful with Fiscal years - Check the YEAR in your first module is returning 2018

    Also, when you change the date, check in your Time Setting module that the booleans are correct  that is where is it likely to be going wrong

    If it still doesn't work can you upload full blueprints of all modules along the the filter criteria of both tab in the target module



  • Hi David,


    I have checked it very carefully, now I have selected my current date as 2018 in admin dashboard. see the below screenshot.




    Now in my time setting module it is correctly changing and picking the correct year quarters i.e. 2018 quarters. see the screenshot below.




    Still it is not working fine, So I am sending you all the screen shots of the modules with blue print view below.


    1. Current Date input Screen Shot.


    2. Time Setting module screenshot



    3. Target module (Region level quota adj) screen shot



  • I've added a second dimension to my test it it still works OK, so I am confused as to why it doesn't work for you


    What happens if you take the filter off the Quota Setting Regions L2 / Territory Components L2 tab? I wonder if that is tripping over something related to the dates?


    As an aside, it is best practice not to have subsidiary views in the module, so I would move the line items dimensioned by Year into a separate module.

    I don't think this is the cause of the issue though, just Best Practice





  • Hello David,


    I have checked and there are no rules added to Quota settings Area/Territory Components L2 tab.



  • Thank you very much to both David Smith & Lip Chean for your best solutions.




  • Hi David,


    Based on your approach, I have solved my problem....... Thanks for your great help...... I have the situation here, earlier we have 1:1 time functionality, but now few of my dashboards have 1:many(1+1+1).

    Example: some of my dashboards have time functionality like this(below screenshot).


    new req.PNG


    Now, if I can select the time period as 2020 in admin dashboard, the target dashboard will change like, prior year shipment quarters should change 2019, adjustments and quota should change 2020.... 


    Thanks in Advance.

  • @CommunityMember82499 

    You just need to use the Time Settings module to create more filter criteria


    Current + Previous = Time Lookup.Year >= YEAR(ITEM(Time))

    Current + Next =  Time Lookup.Year <= YEAR(ITEM(Time))


    Hope that helps


  • Hi David,


    Thanks for your quick response, I have used the same approach and now I am able to create the steps what you have referred.(See the below screenshot)td3.PNG

    But, whenever I am selecting my current date is 2019(see below screenshot) in admin dashboard.


    It is perfectly working fine, I feel the given logic is working here (see below)



    But whereas, whenever I am changing my current date year to 2018. my dashboards displays like this.(see below)



    Please help with the issue. 





  • You should just be able to use the line items in the time settings module as the new filter for the target modules


  • Yes, I am doing the same(see the below Screenshot)




    But it is not woking for any other years except 2019. And I would also sharing the screen shot of my model calender below.






  • Given the issues you had with the previous module, it might be worth re-publishing it, following the process @LipChean_Soh took you through


  • Both of your processes are slight difference and both ways are working absolutely fine, but today morning I have followed your process to the existed modules/dashboards and its absolutely working fine.


    But to this module its not.... I am not sure what mistake I am doing in the process.