SAP S/4 HANA & SAP PO to Anaplan integration best practices


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Looking to see if any other members of the community have integrated SAP S/4 HANA to Anaplan. If you did, were you able to achieve the integration with Anaplan Connect or the API through the SAP Process Orchestration middleware? Or did you *have* to write some custom wrapper program using either Anaplan Connect or the API?


P.S. : It's a pity Anaplan doesn't have a native S/4 HANA or oData connector for data.... Fingers crossed for someone to jump out with that very solution......


  • We do have customers that use SAP PO to perform that integration. They are using the API within SAP PO. No customer wrapper is needed. 

  • Hi Scott,


    Can you connect me to someone who's used Anaplan API with SAP PO?


    Our system integrator has been struggling to find a working solution with the Anaplan API and out of the box config with SAP PO and without any additional batch scripting.


    As SAP is a major source of ERP data of many companies - it would be worthwhile for Anaplan to prep a sample API integration walkthrough that establishes some best practice with SAP PO and Anaplan. There are some aspects of the Anaplan API that confused our integration team and SI partner. So, as much help as possible to clarify ideal-state solution of  SAP S/4- SAP PO-Anaplan would be welcomed.

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    here is some information, that I had gathered. There are mainly those options:


    1. Informatica Cloud [Link]
      1. One can use the SAP connectors (SAP ABAP Table reader, BAPI/RFC and IDoc) to connect with S4 HANA
      2. Requires development time to write an ABAP/IDoc to define the dataset
      3. SAP connector will connect to any SAP product
      4. Informatica license cost is driven by # of connectors
    1. JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
      1. connects to SAP HANA and BI
      2. allows executing SQL statements (less development time but might raise issues in terms of security, integrity and maintainability)
    1. SAP Data Services (ETL) [Link]
      1. Recommended integration tool for SAP since as it has a native connector to S/4HANA
      2. Access and integration to all enterprise data sources and targets (SAP and non-SAP)


  • Hi

    Is there a sample API integration tutorial that lays out some best practices with SAP PO and Anaplan?

    Any progress on this issue of using SAP PO as an integrating solution? ¿ someone who's used Anaplan API with SAP PO?