Green check mark and red X


Hi All,


I could swear that I've seen some dashboards created that include a fancy green check mark or a red "X".  How do I get those to show in a module or dashboard?  Also would be good to see which special characters work in Anaplan (such as the triangle delta sign).




Josh Brass

Brass Planning Solutions, Inc.



  • Josh,


    Yes, you have seen those and most likely they were done using Wingdings, but we need to stay away from them as much as possible to ensure all browsers work the same way.





  • jbrass
    Fair enough, thanks!
  • Hi Josh,


    I assume you mean icons such as this -  


    As mentioned above, there are some incompatibilities across different browsers which can introduce usability issues; hence it can be sensible to stay away from these despite them enhancing the UX for a time period.


    Most model builders copy and paste them from a site such as


    I do notice that some Anaplan built models include this functionality however best stay clear if you'd like to avoid future re-work of dashboards..