Fetching export ID directly while Integrating Anaplan with MuleSoft


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I was trying to integrate Anaplan with MuleSoft and followed all the steps provided as per the Integration guideline.

but we have an issue while trying to find the export ID(to be provided in mule soft) for a particular export action created in the Model.

Instead of querying the mentioned model id, the API is querying the entire workspace for all the available models which is occupying all the available cores of server and affecting the performance.


Below is the url format executed.



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  • Hi @MadhabikaM 


    Unfortunately, action IDs (imports, exports, etc) aren't visible in the Anaplan model. You could use Mulesoft to send a RESTful request to fetch the IDs you need, but I would recommend using Postman for this. Whenever I'm working with Mulesoft, it's the tool I use to fetch IDs - it's far quicker to simply scroll through the response this way than in Mulesoft, or to design a workflow to pull the IDs, parse through to find the action name and match to its ID, then pass to the Anaplan object.


    In Postman, just provide your Anaplan credentials in the Authorization tab, and send a GET request to the URL you mentioned (https://api.anaplan.com/1/3/workspaces/workspaceID/models/ModelID/exports). This will return a list of the exports in the model, find the name of the export you want to trigger and copy the corresponding ID into Mulesoft.





  • Hi @Jesse

    Thank for your response on this, I missed to mention here but we did used Postman to get the export ID's using same url format which inreturn gives all the export ID's in that Model but it also was overloading some of our cores because of heavy model usage.
    On investigating we found that the query was hitting all the models about 277 in same workspace leading to this issue.
    We are not sure why it executes on entire workspace though we specify only single model ID.
    have you faced such scenario before or we are missing something here, Please do let me know.

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  • Could you share a screenshot of the settings of the Anaplan object in Mulesoft?


    How did you determine the request was hitting all your models? There's no functional way that Mulesoft should be hitting all your models with the same request, and even so the odds of all these being valid and triggering exports seems slim. 

  • Hi @jesse_wilson ,

    Thanks again for your response, I have attached a screenshot of Anaplan object in Mulesoft.


    It has been reported by our Infra Team that this particular action executed from my id has occupied the core space and on investigating they found that this particular url is executing on all the models in that workspace.


    We are really unaware of what and how this is happening, do we need to check on any specific log file.

    I can ask them with my infra team.


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  • Hi,


    I see you're using the new version of the Anaplan connector for Mulesoft. All of your configuration details look correct, so it's possible you've encountered a bug in the connector.


    In this case, I would recommend raising a support case with our team (support@anaplan.com). Share with them the execution log, and the results your team has found. They can check our backend logs to see what's going on and raise a bug with our engineering team if they determine it's needed.



  • Hi @jesse_wilson,


    Thanks, yes have raised a support case regarding the same, will update here If we find the resolution for this.