Dynamic Display of Time in Charts and Multiple year Line item dashboard


Hi Experts,


I have 2 dashboards.

1. Admin & Other dashboard.

In my admin dashboard I have a current year date set up like this( please see the below screenshot)


Whenever I used to change the current year date in admin dashboard, Based on this activity I would like to see the changes in my other dashboard like below.(please see the below screen shot).




Adjustments & Quotas = Current year, which is selected in admin dashboard.

Prior year shipments = one year less than the current year or adjustments & quotas.

Eg: If I can select my current year is 2019 in my admin dashboard, I would like the see the changes in my other dashboard should be, Adjustments & Quotas should show 2019 and Prior year Shipments should show 2018.


I have tried in multiple ways, but no luck.

could someone help me with my issue.


Thanks in Advance.



  • Hi Sasi,


    I have tried to create the scenario you are working on,

    Input Module, with 3 line items 


    Pls try this method,


    Step 1: Create a line item subset using the "Quota input" module as shown below.



    Step 2: Create a module(Quota subset Module) as shown below, use the Quota subset, Time as dimensions.



    Step 3: Manually Mark the respective Quarters,

                I am not able to right logic in this module, because of using the line item subset, so I marked it manually.




    Step 4: Apply the filter in your Quota Input modules,





  • Hi Sasikanth,


    Since you need specific line items to be shown for specific quarter and years, you need to link the line items with time.

    You need to create a line item subset.

    Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.54.35 AM.png


    Assuming the random module 2 above have 3 line items below, a line item subset 'LIS Random Module 2' is created, pointing at these 3 line items. 

    1. Prev Yr Shipment

    2. Adjustment

    3. Quota


    In the 'LIS Random Module 2 Properties' module created above, you can check the relevant Line Item Subset with 'Prev Yr?' and 'Current Yr?'.


    In the 'Time Admin 3' module created above, the Show PY and Show CY are as shown in the previous issue, i.e.

    1. Show PY = Year(Start()) = Year(Current Date.Date)-1

    2. Show CY = Year(Start()) = Year(Current Date.Date)

    3. Random Module Filter = 'LIS Random Module 2 Properties'.Prev Yr? AND Show PY OR 'LIS Random Module 2 Properties'.Current Yr? AND Show CY


    In the 'Random Module 2' module, create a filter referring to 'Time Admin 3.Random Module Filter'.




  • Hi Vignesh,


    thanks for your response,


    I have tried your approach, but this looks static to the particular selected year. I want dynamic changes where I can select my current year is 2018 based on that the activity should work.


    I have sent a note to you, please check in your private message.





  • Hi Sasi,


    To make it dynamic, try the below steps


    Step 5: Create a module as below,

    Photo1.png.jpg Mark the boolean as shown above.


    Step 6: In Quota subset filter Module, add 2 more line items(PY, CY) and write the formula as shown below.


    Finally, your filter logic will be this, 

    IF Filter Test Mod.PY THEN PY ELSE CY


    in this way, you can achieve the dynamic filter.


    Thanks @LipChean_Soh , I learned something new about line item subset.