Introducing the Connected Planning Playbook

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Connected Planning isn’t easy. That’s why we can’t help but smile a bit when we hear our customers and prospects say, “Well, of course, Connected Planning at Anaplan is great. It’s what you do!” The reality is: our own Connected Planning journey was hard. And, if it was hard for Anaplan, it had to be hard for our customers. So, we started talking to them, and the more we engaged, the more we heard about the challenges of organizational silos, change management, and corporate bureaucracy (just to name a few).

Examples of common problems companies without Connected Planning face.Examples of common problems companies without Connected Planning face.

These challenges aren’t easy to overcome because they force organizations to face a number of systemic and cultural problems head-on that have likely been swept under the rug—or outright ignored—for years. This kind of transformative undertaking is daunting and ultimately led us to create the Connected Planning Playbook.


“For Anaplan, implementing Connected Planning has led to cost reductions, time savings, improved forecast accuracy, better transparency, enhanced collaboration, and a set of practices that we believe are best-in-class.” 

Connor O’Brien (Anaplan Director, Business Operations)

The Connected Planning Playbook was designed to make the impossible possible by providing our customers with a comprehensive roadmap that documents and provides solutions to the numerous roadblocks they will inevitably encounter along their Connected Planning journey. The playbook features recommendations based on the experiences of our internal Connected Planning implementation team (the Anaplan on Anaplan team), as well as collaborations from the Anaplan Operational Excellence Group (OEG) and Anaplan’s Chief Planning Officer.

As we continue to push the envelope with Connected Planning, we plan to continue sharing our insights. In addition, we want to hear from our customers as well! As you go through your own journeys, please let us know what’s worked well for you and what hasn’t, so we can each support one another in the collective pursuit of Connected Planning.

Please note (Spring 2023 update): the Connected Planning Playbook is currently being updated. In the meantime, you can find many of the same resources in our Center of Excellence Getting Started section on the Community.

Happy [Connected] Anaplanning!