Anaplan Connect Batch Script Error: "Anaplan API: HTTP status 424: Failed Dependency"

Hi,  we are currently on anaplan-connect-1-3-3-5 and have previously successfully using the same batch script to upload files. This error just popped up today and not sure what went wrong.

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  • ben_speight
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    Anaplan's API will yield the following HTTP status if you can't do something because of model active status:
    HTTP StatusModel status
    425Production mode

    I think all but 423 are non-standard, hence the misleading message.


  • Hi @mujess,


    Is the action to just upload files?

    Usually this error occurs when the requested action which is depended on another action and that action failed.




  • Thanks Sathya for looking into this.


    I figured out what cause this error now. It is because the Model in question has been set to Offline.