Quick Filters

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Summary: Quick Filters are always available to end users, allowing them to filter data on a dashboard according to criteria that they set. This allows end users to focus their view on the information that is important to them. This series of two lessons will equip both end users and model builders to make the most of the Quick Filter feature.


Using Quick Filters: Learn how to use Quick Filters in this short lesson for end users and model builders.

This lesson will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Click to launch: Using Quick Filters 


Quick Filters and Dashboard Design: Model builders should then continue with this follow-up lesson containing tips for creating dashboards with Quick Filter functionality in mind.

This lesson will take about 5 minute to complete.

Click to launch: Quick Filters and Dashboard Design


  • It is my understanding that quick filters only look at the first 100,000 records. If this is accurate it should be mentioned in any training material pertaining to quick filters.

  • Thanks for pointing that out. If you are filtering a list-formatted line item, only the first 100,000 items are available to select from. If there are more than this number of items, then a standard filter will need to be used.