Dynamic Display of Time Periods on charts


Hello Experts,


I am trying to use dynamic display of time periods in my module it is absolutely working fine with grid in module, I have used the formula to get this dynamic display(see the below screenshot).




Now, I am publishing the module(grid) through column chart, whereas I am getting this below error after the chart is published in dashboard.


I have read the chart article(Data selection & Dynamic chat update), it is saying in example, "For example, say you have a grid containing discrete monthly values with aggregated quarterly totals. If you select a combination of months and quarters, quarters are aggregated values not discrete values, so only the monthly values will be charted. However if you select only quarters, they will be charted because quarters are all aggregated values." 


So, please suggest how I can avoid this error with any formula applying for any new line item or if there is another approach kindly let me know.






  • Hi SK, 


    I have created this type of chart before and the best solution I found was to create a new line item which is the lowest time period level and then to add the individual time element line items together as a summary line item and then to remove the time summary or change summary to forumula. 


    I hope this helps @CommunityMember82499 





  • Thanks for your reply Usman,


    Could you please share the step by step process with screenshots, so that it will give more clarification on what I am looking.