‘Drill Down to Transactions’

Hi everyone…. I have three modules 1. Transaction module (Base Module with flat data) 2. Secondary module 3. Result module. Can I ‘drill down to transaction’ from result module which is getting the value from secondary module? Issue is….. If I ‘drilldown to transaction’ a value form result module which is getting its values from secondary module, it give me a message Unable to drill down: transaction module and line items must apply to a single list.” And my secondary module is based to two list which is getting their values from transaction module. Is there any solution where I can ‘drilldown to transaction’ from my result module which is getting its data from secondary module. Many Thanks Mehmood


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  • bhavik_vashi
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    Hi Mehmood,

    Unfortunately, the short answer to your question is no. 

    Drill to Transaction only works when the target module is pulling straight from a source module leveraging the SUM formula.  Since you have an intermediary module, it is not working for you.  The best thing to do is probably evaluate why you need the module in the middle -> I bet there is a way to write the same formula in the "Result" module direct from the TXN module you reference.  Ie. Getting as many formulas as possible to pull straight from TXN module.