synchronizing to a module on a dashboard



One dashboard, 2 modules, and the 2nd module is limited to showing items linked to current selection on dash...

Here is the set-up


lst_material   fields: material, material bulk code(list based: lst_bulk)

lst_bulk         fields: multiple lots of details


mdl_Material   fields: material, bulk

wine_module   fields: lots of details from tbl_Bulk


dsh_Material    showing mdl_material both fields



I want to add to the dashboard, another module based on the lst_bulk, that synchronizes (or is restricted to via a selection field)  to the material bulk code in the mdl_material module, so they do not have to choose from the page selector... how do i do this please?


Image shows what i am after on  a single dashboarddash1.png







  • Hi, me again


    I know i could add all the fields from lst_bulk to the mdl_material and use LOOKUP, but wandered if there was an easier / simpler and less space consuming method.




  • I think your best bet is to filter the far right grid based on the selection in the middle grid


    If you pivot the right grid to have the material as row, set up the filter and then re-pivot it as you have shown, the filter should work


    The only thing you will need is a "refresh" after the entry in the middle grid.  You could put this as a button between the girds, or above the right grid, or give users instructions that they need to refresh.

    If you did want a button, an open dashboard button acts as a refresh.


    Does that help?


  • I understand using a filter on a field where you select from a list, and then

    IF ISBLANK(selection) THEN TRUE ELSE IF selection=material THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

    But the material bulk code is not selected, it is a field in the 1st modulebased on material list

    Surely if i use the above style formula it will always be true for every material !!!

    unless i am missing something very basic, how do i tell which record is selected to apply the filter?

  • Unless I'm missing something it is simple

    Assuming you only want the far right module to show if an entry has been made in the selection module you jjust set up the filter to check for that:

    Selection Module.Employee = ITEM(Employees)







    You can obviously turn off the page selector for the target module as it won't be needed, but, as per my previous post, you will have to have a refresh - either from the menu at the top, or through an "Open Dashboard" button


  • Hi again, thanks but i a think i may be misleading you.


    There is no selection module, there is a dashboard with a module with 3,400 records, each one has a material number and several fields including a material bulk code (not unique). I choose a material, and the dash shows me all the fields for that material, including one which says '2120-2018' which is a bulk material code. 

    Then i have the second module based on the same list as the field material bulk code, and i ONLY want to show the item '2120-2018' as it matches the field in the 1st module.


    There is no selecting of material bulk code happening, only the original material, which is chosen.


  • The same principle applies though surely. When the material is changed, I presume the line item that displays the Bulk Material code That line items should be used in the filter (instead of my selection line item) to match up in the final module.  

    You will always need to run a refresh as it is not possible to synchronise a module from a line item value

    Does that clarify things?



  • Hi,


    I don't see how I can use a line item as a selection..

    IF module1.Material Code = item(bulk code) THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE  will give me an error on hierarchy


    I am not going to get this, so i have added 105 lines to the 1st module and looked the data up from the other lists.

    It's not a huge model, so its not taking much space. and it works


    Thanks so much for the help. This one has beaten me