Using Python results in Anaplan


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    We are trying to build a model which would contain forecasting results flowing from Python. Please direct me to the best learning material from where I can work on this integration of Python / R with Anaplan 


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  • Hi Aishwarya,


    Once you write data into a csv or txt file from Python or R, then you can easily import data into Anaplan.


    You might want a direct integration into Anaplan, but i would stress that much can be learned from this MVP (minimum viable product), i.e.

    1. Are we importing at the right granularity?

    2. Is the header name constant?

    3. Is the data format constant?

    etc etc


    Having said that, what do you think? @jesse_wilson 




  • Thank you so much @jesse_wilson  and @LipChean_Soh !

    We shall check what works best for us and communicate once successful 


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  • Hi,


    We tried implementing the Python library in knowledge base. We need to install the Modules Requests and M2Crypto to use this library. But we are unable to figure out how the modules with downloaded files work with the library. Also, we need more technical clarification on how the Java keystore script works. In addition to the above, please help us to find the private key for certificate authentication.


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    Jamuthira R

  • In order to download those modules, you simply need to use the pip (or pip3 depending which version of Python you're using) utility to fetch them. To obtain a keypair (public and private key), please review our article that discusses this topic in depth.


    Once you've procured the certificate, you need to extract the public and private keys and edit per the above article, rebuild the p12 file, then create a Java keystore from this.


    openssl pkcs12 -export -in <CERTIFICATE.pem> -inkey <PRIVATE_ KEY.pem> -out keystore_bundle.p12 -name

    <KEYSTORE_ALIAS> -CAfile <CERTIFICATE.pem> -caname root


    keytool -importkeystore -deststorepass <KEYSTORE-PASSWORD> - destkeystore my_keystore.jks

    -srckeystore keystore_bundle.p12 -srcstoretype PKCS12


    Please note that the password you set for the private key, the p12 bundle, and the keystore must all be the same or the library won't be able to read the private key from the keystore.