Updating an Anaplan Connect script


My data hub currently updates an Account Property module nightly with 5 attributes. I am looking to bring in two more that I can then send to my goal setting model. When I go to the Action to edit it, I get an error that the file no longer exists. 


I've made two columns in the Properties Module that match exactly to the names of the two columns that IT has added to their view. My question is how do I update the action to map these new columns, or will it happen automatically if the column headers match? We are about a week out from the view being deployed into production or I would simply test this, so I'm trying to do what I can now. 

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  • DavidSmith
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    No, that will be fine, because as part of the script you specify what filename to use when loading into Anaplan (which will be the original filename).

    You only need to manually load it to ensure the mappings for the new properties are OK.

    Actually, you could create a test file and run the Anaplan Connect script.  That will load the file and you could check, or you can do it manually



  • Do you know exactly what the original file name was?

    If so, you can upload the file again and then you should be able to edit the action.

    Once that is sorted, Anaplan Connect should be OK


  • Thanks David, 


    Yes I can get the file name because it appears we are uploading the exact same file every day, but we run a script to delete the file (or remove it) from the file location after the job is run, then replace it again the following day when the update occurs. If I manually load the file, and map the fields, will I have to update the Connect script to continue the daily load? 

  • Perfect, thank you. This should be easy enough.