Filtering only summary items




I have a list that is used as rows in a module and the list has a parent hierarchy. I would like to filter out only the summary items when publishing to a dashboard, but can't seem to find a way to do that.


What I tried to do is just set a value of 1 for the list items and then filter everything that's greater than 1, but the bug with this is that if a parent item only has one leaf item the value will be 1 and thus filtered out along with the leaf items. Also tried to change the value to boolean or list and filter to show just the blanks, but as the only way of making the summary item values differ from leaf item values is to set the summary method for the Filter line item to "None", none of the list items are left after applying the filter.  


This is a basic structure of the module:


And this is what I would like to see after applying the filter:


Does anyone know of a way to do this? 

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  • rob_marshall

    @Ingilavicus ,


    Something like this?


    Right click on the list and select "Select Levels to Show"







    Hope this helps,




  • Hi,


    Assuming your 2 lists are 'Alphabets', and 'Numbers' with 'Numbers' rolling up to 'Alphabets', you can create a module with 'Alphabets' instead of 'Numbers'.


    That way, you need not do any filtering, and you get all the 'Alphabets' along the rows.




  • Exactly what I was looking for, thanks Rob!