Anaplan API v2.0 - notes from setting it up


I have compiled this information as I have been working to connect to Anaplan via its API. I have chosen not to use Hyperconnect or Anaplan Connect. WHY you might ask?

1.) Hyperconnect: Our IT team will not support Hyper connect.

2.) Anaplan Connect: It is limited in scheduling and error outputs, and users have to know scripting to get really additional functionality.

I am not a true developer, but have played in different languages and platforms. Ultimately after many hours of testing I found that the only way to get the required information for the Authentication service is via Java (only language i tried). The requested random string seems to be required in byte format only. I have tried text formatted values at the correct length, but the only success came when the random string was created in a byte format. I have posted my highlevel steps below, and i will also be posting more detailed information as well.


High-level steps:

  1. Request a CA certificate be created. Create a P&I ticket and the security team will generate the certificate and copy and paste into our secret server. 
  2. Insert ONLY the public certificate into the Anaplan:
    1. In order to upload the CA public certificate, an administrator, with the hamburg in then upper left hand corner, will select the Administration option and then the sub-level of Security. A screen shot is shown below to demonstrate this.


    2. The screen shot below is adding the public certificate to the Anaplan site. The public cert may already be in the correct format, which i believe is PEM and Base64 encoded.
      For further information please review Anaplan's site: - .
      When the authentication service is being called, the service will check against the public cert.


  3. Call the Anaplan authentication. This is an API call that returns a Java Web Token (JWT). This is the key that allows for the Anaplan Kingdom to be opened for different actions. NOTE: the JWT is only valid for 30 minutes. 'Refreshing' the JWT still created a new JWT.
    1. Anaplan Authentication API service

    2. You can test the certificate setup in Postman. A sample setup and successful response is shown below. (I will be posting Postman examples in a different post)