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We have configured some imports within our modules where 1 line item is imported to another line item from one list member to the next. The List we have used here is Target Setting Stage. So a target being set in one stage is copied to the next stage using these imports as a Previous Stage Target.

Now, the issue we are facing is that these imports are not working when a user tries to run it from a dashboard. Whereas, the imports are working fine for Workspace Admins. We have checked the user access and roles and the user has access to all the lists and modules being used in the imports. 

Please let me know anything we are missing here. In case this is a known issue, what could be the workaround for this?





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  • LipChean_Soh



    Could it be due to Dynamic Cell Access?




  • DavidSmith
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    Read DCA access will prevent end users loading data into the lines

    Admins and Full access can run the imports regardless of DCA settings



  • Hi Saurabh,


    Check all the below items,


    1. Action Access

    2. List Access

    3. Source Module Access

    4. Target Module Access



  • Hi @VIGNESH.M 

    This issue was tested by a user with Full Access which covers the access to all actions, lists and modules. Also, we made sure the user was having complete access to the lists with Selective Access enabled.


  • @saurabh.raheja ,


    Can you share the screenshot of the error?


    It's working for Full access role, but not working for end users?



  • There is no error, process is shown as successful after running. But, the numbers are not updating after running.

    No it's not working for Full Access as well. Only working for 'Workspace Admin'.

  • @saurabh.raheja ,


    Check the role of the person whom it's working with WSA access.

    I assume the person has Full access with WSA.


    You are not getting any error and its working for WSA full access, so it must be an Access issue.


    Check the selective access.



  • @saurabh.raheja 

    Can I just add, and I know I don't know all of the details, but if you can, it would be better not to have users running the copies at all. 


    Is there a reason why you cannot model the movement from stage 1 List item 1 to Stage 2, List item 2 through formulas?



  • Hi @DavidSmith 

    The reason why the formulas are not used is that Stage 2 Line Item 1 (same line item copied to Stage 2 Line Item 2 from Stage) is dependent upon Stage 2 Line Item 2 for calculation. So, if a formula is used to link the 2, it will give a Circular Reference. The way to counter this is to add new line items for each stage which we had initially done, but that adds to a lot of maintenance effort, due to which we moved to the Imports/Copy approach. 

    Is there any known workaround to fix the imports for users?



  • As outlined above by @VIGNESH.M  it is almost 100% likely to be down to access, as there are no known issues with end users running internal imports 


  • I will re-check this point, but I'm quite sure that at the time of testing, the user had Full Access with complete access to the lists with Selective Access. The same thing I tested with another team member's credentials as well after giving full access to the model without WSA Access, but the import was not working correctly.

  • @LipChean_Soh 

    Does the Dynamic Cell Access impact the imports? Coz all the Target Line Items for my import have read access enabled on them.



  • Thanks @DavidSmith and @LipChean_Soh , I will test this now.



  • Stig

    Hi @saurabh.raheja 

    Did you find a solution to this?

    I´m facing the same challenge..


  • Hi @Stig 


    Yes, the issue was due to Dynamic Cell Access. 

    I had applied Read Access to the line item end user was importing in which prevented this. Let's call this Import "Update Previous Cycle Data"


    To get around this issue while still keeping the Read access intact, I did the following.


    - Added 4 Boolean line items to the Access Control module which previously only had 1 Line Item "Read Access"

    1. Read Access - Formula: TRUE

    2. Write Access - Input (Used as a Write Access driver in the Target line item for the import in question)

    3. Grant - Formula: TRUE 

    4. Revoke - Formula: FALSE


    - Created 2 import actions within Access Control module as below

    1. Grant Access - Imports the value of line item "Grant" into Write. This gives the user temporary write access.

    2. Revoke Access - Imports the value of line item "Revoke" into Write. This takes back the write access.


    - Created a Process with Import actions in the following order.

    1. Grant Access

    2. Update Previous Cycle Data

    3. Revoke Access




  • Stig

    Thanks a mill @saurabh.raheja  - I'll try this out.