Add Item through Dashboard


The requirements are user needs to add item, delete item, and input values in a dashboard. I've published the module and actions to insert and delete items. The problem is whenever I add an item, the grid (module) does not expand to show the new item created. I already set the height to 100. Please see attached screenshot.






  • I think this is a know issue, but I would raise a support ticket anyway

    I have got it to work if there is nothing below the second grid, but that may not be practical for you


  • Yes, I need the grids to be lined up continuously.
    Thanks David.
  • Worth a shot!!


    Send a ticket to [email protected] with the details and it will get logged


  • I will. Thank you.
  • In the meantime if you set a larger minimum pixel height does this fix the issue?

    It's a little inflexible as you will still have to scroll once you go over a certain number of items but could be a workaround
  • Hi AWhitworth,

    Thanks for the response.
    But setting the minimum pixel height does not fix the issue.
  • @JLD ,


    David is correct, this is a bug.  If you haven't yet, please enter a support ticket so it can be tracked (I know for a fact it has already been entered by other clients, but the more people noticing it will put more pressure on getting it fixed).  In my testing, it seems to work when there are 3 children already defined under the parent, but when there are 0 or 1, it the grid doesn't always reshape itself.  The only workaround that I know, is to add the member and have a button to refresh the dashboard.


    Sorry for the bad news,


  • Hi rob_marshall,

    Thanks for the response.
    I've already got this a support ticket and hope that they will fix it soon. Adding a refresh button seems like the only workaround for now. Thank you!
  • We've had this same problem recently (I don't remember it being this way). We've gotten around it by using a boolean line item and applying that filter, so when the dashboard refreshes after adding the item the module's filter is refreshed.