Introduction to Modeling UX Headcount




I'm working on the UX section of the introduction to modeling, and I cannot get the headcount module to populate with data when it's on the dashboard. Interestingly, there's data in the module itself and when I publish other modules to the dashboard they also show data. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks for your help with this!


  • Hi John


    Can you help do two screenshots of your headcount original module and the view you are seeing it on dashboard? Thanks

  • Hi, @Johnklagholz 


    Please check what has been selected on the page selector ( whether it is Active Employee or Employee Headcount) 


    Also , you might not be able to manually populate data on Headcount line item since this is based on Boolean condition of whether Active Employee line item is true or false


    Please click  'select levels to show' and choose the desired level  

  • dkolka


    Another area to check is the line item format headcount.  If its set to None or other results may not be whats expected.  It should be Sum, Closing Balance.