incremental synchronization


Is there any way to  implement incremental synchronization of data loads?

which will only synchronizes the data in the application that has changed since the last sync from the data source?

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  • jesse_wilson

    There are a few ways to go about only loading deltas. If you can track this in your data source (MySQL, SAP, etc), it offloads the burden to your database. If not, you can do a full load into a data hub, where locking the model during an import isn't consequential because users wouldn't be performing any work in that model - from there it's easy to perform a calculation to look for changes from the previous load. Create a boolean line item that is true when there are changes, and a saved view based on that from which you import into your spoke model(s).




  • rob_marshall

    To add on to what Jesse is saying, create a new row in the data load set to True or 1.  The process to load the data would be:

    • Run and action to set the boolean to False
    • Load the data (thus it will switch the boolean to a true where new records are created)
    • Load only the trues to the spoke.

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  • @jesse_wilson  @rob_marshall 

    Thanks for the Solution, It helped! 

  • @abhay.kanik,

    Currently there is a requirement to implement incremental data loading from SQL DB to Anaplan through Anaplan Connect.

    Could you please share some document or step by step process to implement.

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  • Ok, question there : what happens when a new load into the datahub is performed ?

    Do you add the new ones as true as well ? Or only the newest data is flagged as true ?

    If so, how you make sure that spoke models get loaded with the data before a new data load is performed ?

  • kartiendasolventoph
    edited August 2023

    Hello @david.savarin , I have the same question about incremental data loading from Postgre SQL to Anaplan using Batch scripts. The new ones will add as well, and if there is similar data to anaplan from database, will get the updated ones from database and update to anaplan