Make REST API Calls From within Anaplan


Hello all,


I was wondering for whether it is possible to make rest api calls to another service (say servA) from within anaplan. The other service servA will of course then make some work and then maybe make a rest api call on anaplan back. 

I understand by reading some other posts regarding REST, that it is possible to create a url link (i.e in a button) that the user can press. However this is not very flexible (even though we could work around these issues by have the user first populate a module/list/whatever with the necessary information that servA can then export and download so that it can make the necessary action). If you take PowerBI for example, it provides the ability to execute python scripts and from within you can make any REST call to your services. Also, in case our service servA fails how can the Anaplan user in the model's GUI get knowledge of that?


Thanks for your time.

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  • jesse_wilson

    Hi @tsouris,


    There is no way to natively submit RESTful API calls from within Anaplan, other than GET requests (as you alluded) to.


    Right now, as a workaround, you can implement a Python script using a microservice to listen for incoming GET requests, then script any other calls you need to make. Please see this article for more detail, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.




  • Hayk

    Hi @tsouris,


    I've had similar requirement once and resolved it by making an action within anaplan, which ticks a boolean line item.

    This boolean line item is exported as .txt and checked by scheduled job, which triggers action within anaplan only if the value of the cell is TRUE. This process also resets the boolean back to FALSE.


    Hope that will help you.




  • Hello Guys ,

    I have an issue on anaplan API. I wanted to create new row on the anaplan model but i don't find .

    What do i do? please