Separate Report Export per Region


Is it possible to setup an action where a report export to xls loops through all territories and saves a separate file?




  • @stephen.hoffer 

    "batch" processing os not something we support in Anaplan, but as ever, it is possible to replicate this although I don't know how many territories you have so the steps below could be quite lengthly


    1.  Set up a series of saved views on the export module for each of the Territories. 

    1a. Ensure that any filter is efficient (1 boolean) and the file only contains what is needed, nothing more. 

    1b. Check that the view is efficient by opening up the view. 

    2. Set up a series of exports based on these views

    2a. Explore different options of export format as sometimes the Tabular Multi Column (with a filter line item) can be very fast to export

    3. Put the series of export actions in a process

    4. Run this process

    4.a It is best to run this "out of hours" to minimise user disruption


    As a note, saved views do not take up memory space, so there is no limit of the number of saved views you can create


    I hope this helps


  • @stephen.hoffer ,


    How many territories do you have?  How much data are you exporting?  Have you looked at the Excel Add-in as an option?





  • The territories are in the separate views may or may not be viable...but maybe.


    I will look at the excel addin and see what it can do.


    Thank you, both.


    Still welcome any ideas and thoughts around other options, too

  • The only other option in Anaplan is to use a process to set a filter parameter for each territory and use Anaplan connect (or similar ETL) to export the module using a different file name.  This is not possible to do within Anaplan directly without creating separate export actions


    So, (and I'm going to hate myself for saying this..... but), you might be better to export everything and use a third party personal productivity tool (!!!) to create and distribute the files!!



  • Yeah...long term plan is export and reporting third party...just looking for short to mid term.


    Maybe Anaplan will catch up with reporting needs as they evolve.