Anaplan connect with batch file model building import question


When importing data from anaplan connect with a batch file what is the best practice to automate the data through a batch file.  Is the best model building practice to create a list for the data to flow through the list.  Is it possible to have the data go directly through a module?   Are there row limits when having the data go directly to a module ?  If it goes directly through a module instead a list is there a way to write a batchfile for it to reference the data? Or is it best to create a batchfile code which references to automate the data through the action plans from a list?  



  • @Valeria ,


    So, you need to create a unique ID for your data, which will form the list.  You have to remember within Anaplan, the data is tied to lists or dimensions.  So, you import the list with a unique code to make the record singular.  But after that, you would load the transactional data into module (dimensionalized by Time as well as this list).  The 2nd module needed will hold your metadata (you do not want to put this data in the previous module as it most like will not change over time).  If you have created your list correctly where the code is a combination of the metadata codes (100_200_300_400), then your 2nd module (the metadata module) can be rendered by formulas (thus, you don't have to load that data).


    So, via Anaplan Connect, you would simply load the file to Anaplan and then call a process (say, Night Load Process) that would do the following:

    • Load the list (Ideally, the file loaded to Anaplan would be a delta load from the source system)
    • Load the transaction data to the transactional module.


    Hope this helps,