How to create multiple list items from a module


Hi there, 

Just wanted to know is there any way that I can create multiple entries by using a module? ( by using list we can create multiple list items by using + sign) 

Requirement is, when we select a particular D6 department by using a page selector of Departments(they should be created under a selected D6(We have D1 to D6 Hierarchy)?

First task would be we have to catch which department we have selected 

Second, create how many list members we wanted to create by using a module

Please suggest the approach if you know any


Note: We are using a numbered list, I dont want to use any import file to create list members





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  • rob_marshall



    Correct, the Create action only allows you to create one at a time.  Another way, which is more manual, is to click the blue check at the top right of the module and select Edit -> Insert.






    If you don't want to do that (which I can understand why you wouldn't), you can create a module dimensionalized by D6 and a "Row Count" list of 1-20.  In the lines of 1-20, you put the information needed to build the hierarchy, using a combination of user inputted data and formulas.  Then, create a view that only has the data needed to be loaded to the hierarchy (member, code, parent), and create an action to load the data.


    Let me ask you this as I am unclear, when and what data should "D7" be populated with?  Meaning, is it from a data load or from the User?






  • Rob,

    If I use create action, I am able to create one item at a time,  with create action I am not able to create bulk list items like 10 or 15 list items 

    let me explain you what my approach was, Created a module and it has count(1 to 20) as dimension and required fields as line items  to enter the data includes code and parent , D6 as drop down line item, created an import action by using anaplan connect( module to list ), by using this I can create multiple list members but requirement is D6 should be automatically populated when I select a particular D6( lower level) inside the line item which I have taken as dropdown, If I am able to capture the D6 in the dropdown then  i can enter the data and run the import and the fields would be flowing to the list.

    Appreciated your quick response,


  • Users 

    D7 data should be populated by the user.






  • @Dileepkumar ,


    How many records would they need to load, are you talking about 5 or 100?  Either way, the 2nd paragraph (the one where you dimensionalize the rows with D6) should work out for you.  The process would be, the user inputs data, clicks a button, and then the D7 list is populated with the information they entered.


    Hope this helps,



  • @rob_marshall 


    At present they are creating the list items by using a list which is there on the dashboard, but it is inefficient as few features wont work for a list, My idea is we can give them option to enter upto 20 records at a time, if they required more we can do by following your approach,

    I will implement and let you know,

    Thanks for your quick responses, Rob




  • @rob_marshall 


    It worked, thank you so much for your responses



  • @Dileepkumar 

    I would just add that if there is an initial set up phase, it might be useful to "pre create" some rows for the end users to populate to avoid multiple concurrent use actions