size limit of data loads


Is there a limit on the size of data imports taken through the Anaplan Connect?

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  • LipChean_Soh

    Hi Abhay,


    There shouldn't be a limit to a csv/ txt file to be imported into Anaplan.


    However the load might fail for the reasons below:

    1. Resulting workspace needed > max client workspace or 130 Gb (whichever is lower for your specific client)

    2. Resulting list > 1 billion members

    3. Resulting backend calculation > 70 Gb. This 70 Gb is invisible to the users, because this is the memory/space used by Anaplan core to deal with memory allocation/ garbage collection etc etc.


    More importantly, I suggest understanding the data load requirements involving IT and business owners, especially at the beginning of the implementation, i.e.

    1. Do we really need data at the detailed granularity?

    2. Is there Data Hub set up?

    3. What's the schedule of data load?

    4. Can IT come up with unique code in the data file?

    5. etc etc


    Please have a read of the Data Import/Export page in Wikipedia.