How to select one line in a grid and refresh another grid


Hi, we have a dashboard which contains 2 grids. The first grid is applied to a list. The second grid is showing items based on the selection of the first grid and applied to another list.

We need to select one line in the first grid, and let the dashboard auto-refresh the second grid based on what selection the user makes. However we cannot find a function which refers to the current selection.

I wonder if this feature can be achieved, or if there is any workarounds. Thank you.


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  • Hi @abinchen,


    Can you share the screenshot of the same. Also, I have few questions:


    1) The lists which you are using in the 1st & 2nd Grid, whether it is a hierarchy or not. Because in dashboards, you can do Synchronisation from top to bottom level.

    2) Also, check whether in the 2nd grid, synchronised paging is on or not.



    Ankur Sonthalia.

  • Please review the sample screenshot with sample data.

    1. Due to the limitation of hierarchy lists, we use a flat list in the 1st grid.

    2. The 2nd grid is applied to HR list, different from the 1st grid.

    The function we need is, when user selects a line in 1st grid, the 2nd grid will list all subordinates of the selected SalesOrgLeader.


  • Hi @abinchen,


    As I mentioned earlier, if its not a hierarchy then Synchronisation cant be used.


    I would agree with @LipChean_Soh, you can try using Smart Filters.



    Ankur Sonthalia.

  • Thank you, @LipChean_Soh  I know smart filters and are using them somewhere else. The drawback of smart filters are that user have to input the filter value in another box and click a button to refresh dashboard. If this is the only option for this case, I will use it.

    If Anaplan can later provide a function to dynamically refer to the current selected list item, it will be great.

  • @abinchen 

    I think filters are the only way forward for now

    See this post, which describes a very similar requirement