Read access and write access driver query.



I used read access driver and write access for a line item to get the dynamic cell access. (calculation formula is used to get the data for this line item) .

1)It is not working though I used DAC concept

2)Quaterly data is also not displaying for that line item though I changed summary items to ALL or ANY from None.

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  • DavidSmith
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    If I'm have understood correctly, you wanting to edit the line item that has a formula?

    If that is true then you can't do that (with or without DCA)

    DCA allows editing line items that do not have a formula

    line items with formulas cannot be edited


    If this is not the case you outline the whole process, as I suspect you may have (or need to have) a manual entry line item to account for the rejected lines.


    In terms of the quarter no showing, try setting the summary option to ANY for the drivers





  • @pradeep 

    I think this is a duplicate of your post yesterday


  • Nope David, Yesterday what you said is true it worked for line item  which is generated by not using calculation formula. One straight thing will Dynamic cell access work for line item which is generated by using calculation formula.

  • DCA works for all line items whether manually entered data or calculated through a formula

    Are you having a specific issue?

    If so, could you post some screen shots?



  • hi @DavidSmith ,

    I am attaching shots to this body


    here i rejected july data so it is showing as zero, if it got rejected then it should be editable in units sold.


    I am not able to edit this one and quaterly data is also not showing .