List Subsets


Hello, I  have an employee list. When adding an employee below are the questions i have: a) If I select a particular value in SpendType column list(FTE, Contractor etc), I want the employee to move to a different list Subset (FTE subset, Contractor subset etc). How can I achieve this? Note:I do not want to check that Subset check box separately b) Also I published this list to Dashboard to add employees. It shows Parent and Code columns and some other unnecessary columns like the Subset check box columns etc. How can I hide them in the dashboard and also rearrange the columns the way needed? Appreciate any inputs. Thank You, Harisha Thank You, Harisha



  • Hi Harisha

    You cannot exactly make a subset, but you can maintain a module and decide which employees would belong to which type based on your conditions, and based on the employee type we can write a formula to calculate only specific expenses to that employee.

    You can share more details and screenshots of your requirement to answer better
  • Thanks Harish. Took the module approach and got rid of the subsets.
    While trying different approaches though (posting if anybody needs this), if needed item could be added to Subset using action buttons - they add to Subsets just like lists.

    Thank You,
  • Hi Harisha,
    if you create your list as a numbered list having subsets, you can use several create actions, each of them giving the ability to create the new employee in the relevant subsets.
    This approach may work well - or not - according to your context.

    Kind regards.