60 Tips for Acing Your Anaplan Interview



Have you ever wondered what it takes to join the Anaplan ecosystem? Are you in the process of applying and want some insider information on what we look for when interviewing? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve asked Anaplan employees to submit their top tips for interviewing within the Anaplan ecosystem. Ready to nail your Anaplan interview?

Be Curious

Jenn Ruder (Anaplan Consultant - Spaulding Ridge): Patience, ask a ton of questions, utilize the community, find builds that spark your personal interest and create those.

Angharad Kearle (Campaigns Manager, EMEA & APAC): Be open to feedback. You don't need to know everything; you just need to show you are willing to learn.

Ludovic Lemerle (Strategic Account Executive): Be curious.

Show Your Value

Sarah Van Caster (Senior Solutions Marketing Manager)Showcase creative problem-solving skills and demonstrate the impact.

Aaron White (User Groups Program Manager): Be big and bold—come with ideas, or at least come prepared to show that you're an idea person who can think creatively.


Ben Lempert (Content Marketing Manager): Keep a focus on business problems, and how we can help.

Jack Schuth (SDR Operations Analyst): Understand where Anaplan fits in the existing marketplace.

Andy Earnshaw (Senior Software Engineer): Read as much of the community content as possible and familiarize yourself with the basics so that you have a good understanding of them beforehand.

Greg Gilpin (Sales Goals Manager -CDW): If you are asked to talk about an event or project you helped lead, always start with the end picture of what you desired to accomplish, and then explain how you put the pieces in place to make that vision happen. When model building in Anaplan, you have to know your desired outcome and vision to build an ecosystem that will support that vision successfully. You can't just hit the ground running with no end goal in sight.

Anna Miller (Content Marketing Manager): Learn as much as you can about the benefits of Connected Planning—and how and why it is revolutionizing enterprise planning.

Greg Reynolds (Senior Software Engineer): If you are going for a technical position then knowing Kotlin at least a little bit will make you very attractive.

Nick Barker (Principal Solution Architect): Enthusiasm, a desire to learn and grow, a can-do attitude and a desire to have joint success Anaplan and Customer exhibit these at any interview and you won’t go far wrong.

Cleone Barton (Senior Field Marketing Manager, UK): Have a passion for highlighting the need for consistent, clear, and collaborative plans that lead to action, not just slideware

Zak Shea (Sales Development Representative): Be confident and understand the platform's capabilities and buzzwords used to differentiate Anaplan.

Be Authentic 

Felicitas Thyssen (Sales Development Representative): Just be yourself and be honest. Let them know your goals and motivations.

Sarahi Valente Varona (EMEA Finance Assistant): Be confident and show your potential.

Cliff Davis (Director of Professional Services - Touchstone Ltd): Be yourself and answer honestly.

Kelsey Treadwell (Partner Success Manager): Be honest and open about your experience and your interests and drive to learn new technologies. Knowing the lingo only helps if you can execute once you get the position, it's better to have you and your employer on the same page in regard to your learning path and interests from day one!

Divya Valipe (Senior Customer Success Business Partner): Anaplan has a great inclusive culture. So just be honest and show that you care for others in your team. If you are a person that's good at 'Getting things done,' you are in!


Monica Raofpur (Solution Consultant- West SPM): Be yourself, come prepared, and make sure it's a fit both ways!

Olga Kemmet (Senior UX Designer): The most important part is to be genuine. If you are a designer be prepared to talk about your design process, what went well and what didn't go well. How you work within a team and developers.

Joe Reed (Sales Development Representative - MN): Understand what you want in a career and be clear and concise about your intentions for why you want to be a member of our community.

Dave Waller (Product Manager): Be yourself - open, authentic and genuine.

Camilla Sahlberg (Sales Development Representative): Show that you are humble but with confidence and drive.

Gem Robinson-Wilson (QA Analyst): Be open and authentic.

Jerome Julius (Sales Development Representative - Nordic Region): Be Tenacious

Ruth Laird (Associate Software Engineer): Be open and honest.

Alistair McDougall (Monitoring Engineer): Be yourself and be genuine. Have a passion for learning and embracing new things goes a long way, you don't need to know all the answers already.

Jay Turner (Level 3 Support Analyst): Be genuinely enthusiastic!

Tom Winter (SDR Lead): Be authentic!

Camilla Edgerton (Recruiting Coordinator): Be open! It's ok not to know all the answers and showing that you are willing to hear about a new way to solve something will put you in good stead. Being able to listen and adapt your way of thinking shows you are aligned with our values and will work well within the team.

Stefan Palfrey (QA Analyst): Don't try and be an expert, just come in knowing you will learn a lot

Do Your Homework

Ryan Kohn (Senior Business Partner): Be prepared to think of the wider picture! A planning system can have a wide impact but still needs to be considered as part of the greater internal ecosystem of tools.

Catherine Tran (Strategic Support Analyst): Prepare and do research.

Tiffany Morales (Sr. Recruiter): Develop a relationship with your local recruiter!

Laurence Di Sotto (Customer Success Director): Know as much as you can about the product from reading articles/websites etc. We are very passionate about Anaplan, so you need to know your stuff.

Paul Gibson (Partner Success Manager): Get a good understanding of the product and the company. Lots of stuff on Community!

Thomas Abendroth (Partner Success Manager): Get to know about the business the company is in. Maybe do some brain teasers.

Edward Andrews-Hodgson (Software Engineer): Read up on Anaplan and our competitors.

Eryn Pluim (Program Manager - Employee Development): Do your research! Know what Anaplan is about, what our culture is, what we do, and be ready to explain how you're the perfect fit!

John Butler (Channel Business Partner): Ensure they're a cultural fit and willing to work hard but have fun!


Ernie Goff (Sr. Customer Success Business Partner - NY/NJ/CT): Read about our values. They offer insight into the company we want to become. Have a story ready about a time that you were successful during a time when ‘business as usual’ had failed or was not even established. This will help demonstrate how you GSD in ambiguous situations.

Kayas Fayyaz (Sr Digital Marketing Manager): do your homework re. Anaplan's proposition; 2. have a range of technical experiences ready to share - both success and failure - and use STAR approach; 3. culture is key: think about how you can embrace and influence culture at Anaplan.

Cianna Bramley (OEG Model Analyst): Try to learn as much about the role/company before your interview - to help you think of questions to ask the interviewer about the company, and so you can give a clear answer on why you want to work there

Bryce Nelson (Sales Development Representative): Have a good understanding of Anaplan and connected planning, and how it has an impact on a business.

Angela Kentom (Sales Development Representative): Connect with people in roles/departments you want to learn more about.

Connie Ng (Customer Experience (CX) Associate): Do your research and have a knowledge base of our top customer stories/use cases!

Matthew Brady (Principal Business Partner): Learn the key differentiators of the Anaplan platform, understand the concepts of "Connected Planning" and why it's such a powerful message, know the competitors in the market, and understand the unique culture that drives Anaplan.

Chelsea Weintraub (Global Partner Program Director): Take the time to understand our core values and corporate culture and be able to articulate how you embody those traits.

Jeremy Stern (Analyst - Spaulding Ridge): Understanding the cross-section between business and technology will put you a step ahead of the competition. Demonstrating the ability to translate business needs to an IT team, and vice versa will show great potential within Anaplan.

Allison Slaught (Senior Business Partner): When hiring for a solution architect role, and you can't find the perfect fit, consider the skill sets that individual will need and how they'd advance their knowledge with help from others in your organization. Consider hiring someone with experience in areas that cannot be found within your organization today--for example if you're looking for that person to establish a COE, and governance procedures is a pain point, training someone who's adapted to and implemented several multidimensional tools may be preferable to training an FP&A business person on Anaplan for that role. However, if your IT org has strong governance, the business and industry knowledge may be preferable.

Miran Saric (Associate Community Technology Manager): Make sure to take into account how every department of an organization is interconnected and how data can help make their lives easier through the context of working toward the whole organization.

Malia Ott (Strategic Alliances Director - North America GSI's): Check yourself against Anaplan Core Values and A-Shaped Person. Identify which of these values do you best exemplify and focus on these tenets in your thinking and approach.

Mark Jessop (Senior Software Engineer): Prepare, prepare and prepare. There are some great videos about Anaplan and how it works, what it does on YouTube. Watch them.

Jordan Clarksean (Sales Development Representative): Research what Anaplan does, ask about the culture and values of Anaplan.

Innes Anderson-Morrison (Software Engineer): For developer positions, make sure to check that they are happy to pick up new tools and languages (using the right tools for the job) as opposed to always insisting on using a couple of technologies that they are happy with.

Ashley Ronkowski (Tradeshow and Event Manager): Demonstrate how you relate to our core values and show that you've done your research on Anaplan before interviewing.

Mark Warren (Manager, Operational Excellence Group): Join Community, read as much as you can, understand the HyperBlock, read the customer stories.

Raquel Giampolo (Executive Assistant to Chief Transformation Officer): Do the homework! Research what interests you the most and be prepared to ask questions - be the interviewer as well as the candidate.

Alexander L. Kasendwa (Inside Sales Development Representative UK): Stick to the values of Anaplan, they always come through when interviewed - Who are we and Why Anaplan! Understand the basics of the Anaplan platform, the key differentiator.

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