Import from SQL Receiving Error - "Anaplan API: Cell text cannot contain tab character"


We are attempting to switch our source from excel files to a SQL server and are receiving this error when running the scripts for Anaplan Connect. The job is successful for the initial two tables but we're experiencing this error on the final table. The formatting and configuration is similar for all tables so unsure why this error is occurring.

Does anyone have experience with this error?


  • A column in your result set has a tab character. Anaplan Connect uploads JDBC as tab-separated data, so cannot deal with tab characters in fields. Perhaps you can edit the SQL to substitute them out?

  • Hi @ben_speight I have got the same problem. How can I identify and substitute these tab characters?

  • Its likely to depend on the database used; for MySQL something like REPLACE(mycolumn, '\t', '') would remove any tab characters from a selected mycolumn.