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Our implementation includes personnel expense budgeting at the individual level, and to create the roster of employees we use a list.  We have a need to compare budgets year over year, ie FY19 vs FY20, and to do this we need to have different members in the list for different years, as well as a current roster.  One way to do this would be to apply versions/time to lists, but I don't think that is possible.  Has anyone else run into this problem?  Thanks.


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    Do see if the following works:

    Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 10.51.50 PM.png

    There are 3 modules

    1. Assumption Module with Year as list, line item of 'Training per Pax' to enter the 'Training assumption per person for the specific year'.

    2. Yearly Roster Module with Employee, Year as list, line item of 'Active?' to indicate if the relevant employee is active that year

    3. Training Expense Module with Employee, Year as list, line item of

    3.1 Flag = IF Yearly Roster.Active? THEN 1 ELSE 0

    3.2 Training Cost = Assumption.Training per Pax * Flag


    The Training Cost at 'All Emp' level should give you the Total Expense by year.


    Note that i have turned the summary of 'Training Expense.Flag' to 'None' because it's best practice not to aggregate unnecessarily.




  • egc8r

    Thank you for the reply.  Your suggestion works for some of the calculations we need to perform, but what I am hoping for is insight into data management strategies that allow different members of a list to be used depending on time and version.  Any suggestions would be very helpful.

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    I'm afraid you'll need to be more specific with what you meant by "data management strategies that allow different members of a list to be used depending on time and version."


    Anaplan as a tool is flexible enough to cater for most business planning scenarios, but it does depend what you're looking for.


    I suggest that you talk to your end users about what they would like to achieve, letting them know it's important to keep an open mind, i.e. not limited by previous experience with other tools. 


    Do have a read of




  • I am in need of the same type of solution.  If a person was on the roster in 2020 but terminated in 2020, I don't want them to populate the budget template for 2021 but still want the budgeter to see the person on the template if they select 2020 time period.  I'm not sure how to manage this in the employee list.   

  • Hi @Loraine ,


     I think you would be able to achieve that by using a filter module with years 

  • @Loraine 


    Try looking at this. video on effective dating:



    Also, create a boolean to see if the person is "active" for that period, if so, have it be true.  Then you can use this to filter on.


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  • I will look at the course you recommended.  I did setup a filter for "Is not Active for FY" but when I filter to create a view for my dashboard, I loose my department hierarchy and then the hierarchy filter on the dashboard doesn't connect to the roster data.