When to use Line item VS List ?


Hi Guys 


Is there an approach you guys use when deciding on line item vs list ? 


for eg. 


I am loading three different kinds of volume data 

Volume type 1

Volume type 2

Volume type 3


Data is loaded by month 


Option 1 

Create a module with 3 line item and time dimension


Line item Volume type 1

Line item Volume type 2

Line itme Volume type 3


Option 2

Create a module with 1 line item called Volume and 1 list ( volume type 1 , Volume type 2 , Volume type 3)  and time 

(Volume type List ) X Time 

Volume line item 


Which option would you choose and not choose and Why ?

Is there a best practise for these kind of scenarios or it doesn't really matter ? 

If you have another way of doing it what is it and why ? 




Best Answer


  • If you think the volume type will grow (volume type 4, 5...etc)...then you should go for a dimension. So it is easily maintainable.




  • Hi,


    Lists are essentially Master Data, which have the following attributes:

    1. Lists can be referred by many modules, (Normally once you ask yourself the question of 'Will these items be used in many modules?', it should be quite evident)

    2. Lists have properties that help with LookUp and Sum

    3. Selective Access can be controlled with List


    Line items are more of a measures, and are meant for containing values or calculation.


    Like what @ArunManickam said, your requirement fits that of a 'List'.