In module to check if user have selective access on the list members


Hi Team,

I need to create a module in which I have a Boolean line item and applied lists are User list and a list in which I have given selective access to users.


I need to mark the line item true if the user have access(read or write) on the list item else false in the module.


Could you please suggest any solution for this requirement.Thanks in advance.



Mohammad Husain 


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  • DavidSmith
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    Follow the steps below


    1. Export out the users file.  You can save this so it can be used again in a process.  Note the setting for exporting out to multiple lines.  In my example I have given myself selective access on 3 regions and two other people access to a single region





    2. Create a module by users and region (or your hierarchy)

    3. Add a boolean flag and a text line item.  You need to bring something in from the export, it doesn't really matter.  In my example, I have used first name

    4. Import the file and map the relevant fields



    5. Import the data and then check for non blanks



    You could obviously bring in a different field if you needed to check Read access as well as just Write access

    I hope that helps



  • @DavidSmith How about if the module has one of the fields as text, and we want to import into the users? The field in the users needs multiple selections, and we can select multiple items on a list in the module.


    Anything I'm missing when I'm entering the text? I;ve tried multiple things, like putting in a comma, removing the space, etc. but doesn't seem to work.


    Thank you! 

  • @pchandalia 


    You can try David, but he is going to say the same thing as I told on your other thread, you cannot input two values separated by a comma into Selective Access.  In order to do this, you have dimensionalize the module.  The line items, yes, they can be text, but it has to have only one value.



  • Thank you @rob_marshall