Import of partial list


Hi All,


Is there any way i can import a part of list into a model from a huge list from another model?

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  • DavidSmith
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    It is not best practice to import directly from a list to another list for exactly this reason. so:


    1. Create a systems module dimensioned by the huge list and create two line items

    • Code:  Formula = CODE(ITEM(huge list))
    • Filter = format this as a Boolean and make it true based on the criteria for the downstream import

    2.  Set the filter on the module using the filter line item and save this view

    3. In the downstream model, use this view to import the name and the code to the target model.  You don't need a line item for the name (unless the list is a numbered list, in which case use the display name)


    I hope this helps


  • akhil.kohli
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    Hi Abhay,


    Yes you can do this. You will have to import the destination list from a module in this case.

    You can do it by 2 ways.


    1. Create a subset and use it in a module and then create a list out of that subset

    2. Mark the elements of the source list in a module as boolean, create a view out of this module when boolean line item is true and then import into the destination list from this view


    Hope this helps