Delete multiple items/rows from list.(more than 5000)


Hello Members,


I wanted to delete more than 5000 rows(nearly all)  from an independent numbered list but at the same time wants to save the list and its properties.

If we delete any items/row from the list containing more than 5000 rows, it says to select and delete and by this only one is getting selected and not more than 1.


One way is to export the properties and delete whole list and then create another list ,add properties....

But I'm looking for another bulk deletion of items from the list, where i can delete all the items and not individual.


Kindly help me out.



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  • Hi Sushmit,


    Delete from List using selection is the way you can achieve this. Please check this action in the Settings>Actions. You will have to create a boolean line item with applies to on this dimension and then point this to the particular action as defined


    Hope this helps




  • Hello Akhil,
    Thanks for the prompt reply.
    Delete from list using selection would required selection of items more than 5000 times.
    That would be same as selecting/deleting from list.
  • Hello LipChean,
    Thank you for the prompt reply.
    I have tried that method but that would required another clicking 5000times to the rows to delete.
    Any other method to delete under 10click (10 is also more but would be less than 5000)

    Sushmit Singh
  • Hi,


    It was mentioned in my previous post, but i'll repeat.


    Put in the formula 'Delete = True' in the module to select all entries automatically.




  • Thank you Akhil.

    This worked but in module!
    it took me a lil time to understand!!
    Anyways, Thanks a lot.