Error on Importing Codes for Line Items


Hi, I already have line items in my module but I forgot to include the codes when I first created those line items. Now, I would like to add their codes through import. However, when I try to import, this is the error: distinct names found for same code - check mapping and/or data. What could be the cause of error and the possible solution for this? Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

  • harish_bk
    Hi Jane

    Code is the only attribte of a list member which you cannot edit, hence if you have forgot to load the code then you have no option but to recreate them.

    I would suggest to follow below method:

    1) Create new list with the codes
    2) Copy the modules and use the new list replacing existing list
    3) Import data from the old module to new module
    4) Delete old module
    5) But following this method you might lose the line items value history (Any changes being tracked)