Bill of Material for BOM Costing


Hi, What's the best way to build a multi level Bill of Material (for a Manufacturing company)? The scenario is that the final product can have multiple BOMs and also have many layers of child components many of which can be Semi Finished product themselves. Suggestions will be appreciated. Regards



  • Hi Sanjeev

    Try to see some of the apps which are pre built.

    Check this model might help you:

    I would suggest you not to plan by each component of BOM as it might become difficult, try to identify the Materials and group them and try to then get required Materils by Group and then plan.

    Further you can just identify the qty of such material as final product and for further generation of new product either by having new list or line item and then move the source data accordingly.

    If you could give an example I would try to further assist you.
  • Hi,

    We have seen this App. And it doesn't seem to fit the requirement as its a single level BOM.  What we need is a multi level BOM

    For ex
    StartFragment EndFragment
    Parent Item Child Item Plant Quantity
    A B P1 10
    A C P1 5
    B B1 P1 2
    B B2 P1 3
    B B3 P1 5
    B1 B11 P1 2
    B1 B12 P1 2
    C D P1 1
    C B12 P1 1
    We have a BOM dump file like this (actually coming from SAP). The requirement is to be able to disaggregate the Demand of Item A into production units till the lowest level. Further, there is no relationship provided in a hierarchy file. Just the BOM file with rows of relationship as above.

    What do you think? How do we build the disaggreation at run time.

  • Hi Sanjeev guess this would be tough as you never know at what level you will have final product and some final products might be used to built other final products too,

    I have not worked on PP Module but I guess you have something called BOM Group where you can get disaggregated details of materials for the product, you can try to export it to a module by final items and build a ratio of Materials required.

    Then accoringly forecast.

    else we would have to build something involving few number of modules I guess.
  • Hi,

    What do you mean by BOM Group ? Is there a prebuilt app where we can see this.
    Appreciate your help here.

  • Hi Sanjeev

    I was mentioning the BOM Group present in SAP PP Module (Production Planning), could you please let me know which module is giving you the data mentioned by you.

    I have never worked on SAP PP Module but remember trying to help our client during our SCM Planning.

    Thanks and Regards
    Harish B K