Date Format conversion


I have a module in Anaplan whose one line item is date formatted. I imported a csv file which is having a date column with the format MM-DD-YYYY.  The import results showed a failed report becasue it accepts date format as MM/DD/YYYY. Is there any way to map my csv file having the abovementioned format with the date formatted line item in Anaplan without having to change the date column format in my csv file from - to /  ?


  • @abhay.kanik 

    Ideally it is best to use a uniform format for all date imports YYYYMMDD which simplifies inputs but it is possible to format import by import


    1. On the import, navigate to the mapping tab for the line items and for the date fields you will see on the right hand side a custom mapping check box



    2. Click this and the date format dialog appears allowing you to format the date as desired


     I hope this helps