List item and Line item


Hi Experts,


I'm new to anaplan and start training this week.

Could someone please clarify the difference between list item and line item?


I checked anapedia but i couldn't make it clear.

Now in my understanding, line item is something like field data or each cell in excel.

But i can't have a clear image of what list item is like.


Thanks in advance.


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  • akhil.kohli
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    Hi Tsuyoshi,


    Dimensions are nothing but where you store/manipulate/calculate a data item/measure.

    As said, list items are a single dimension. Line items can be a single/multi dimensions based on the Applies To Section in the blueprint. 


    For more clarity refer to the below article


    As in the article, it says the dimensions are the measure to store data. 

    Because lists are single dimensions, you can store attributes of a single dimension like properties of a product etc. but a line item can point to multiple lists like product, country, time etc. and it will store values related to all the dimensions like 'x' number product is sold in America in Jan 2019 etc.


    Best practice says that the list properties and attributes should be stored in module with a single dimension of that list.


    Hope this helps !








  • Hi 


    In a single sentence, difference between a line item and a list item is that a list item is a single dimension like country, product etc., whereas a line item can be a multi dimensional like sales for a country and a product by time.




  • Hello Mr.Akhil


    Thanks for your kind reply.

    I also want to ask the meaning of "dimension" in this context.

    In this case "multi-dimensional" stands for "a field that embraces various ways for deciding the value"?


    E.g.) I set "Total Profit" for line item, and this will vary when sales regions is changed to EU, USA, and JP

     and so on.



    • Level of detail: Line items generally offer more detail than list items.
    • Function: List items often serve as simple categorization or identification, while line items are used for recording or tracking transactions or data points.
    • Number of dimensions: List items may represent single categories, while line items can be multi-dimensional, incorporating additional factors like time, location, or quantity.

    I hope this explanation helps! Let me know if you have any further questions about basketball stars unblocked