Selection of multiple line items for a graph


Hi, I would like to make a combined graph with several line items on the vertical axis. However, it seems like I need to create a saved view that only contains these line items on the vertical axis and now other line items. Otherwise it will show all line items, with no options to hide them. In the standard Anaplan module, it was possible to just select the applicable line items and Anaplan would automatically create a combined chart with only the applicable line items.

Is this a known constrained of the current new UX?

Otherwise it's a lot of saved views if you want to create several different combined charts from the same module. It would be great if the applicable line items could be selected with a Boolean in the 'Series' section. Looking forward to hearing from you.Capture.PNG


  • Hi @PhilippErkinger 


    In the new UX best practice in the training material recommends to use a saved view when producting a table or chart. This is so that when you make changes and save it to the view it will then update in the new UX elements.


    The suggestion you've made would be great! Maybe you can suggest it in the ideas section here - - and it can be added to the product! I will support it for sure!


    I hope this helps!






  • Thanks! This means that for some modules it will be a lot of saved views.


    I understood that the Idea Exchange is not considered for beta features, but I'm happy to post it there.

    Does anyone from Anaplan have an opinion?