Connect to SQL server

Good day

I have an SQL server as source of my data. What are my options to import this data to Anaplan?


Thank you!



  • Hi @rlgarcia06,


    Please review our integration options. Anaplan Connect, and the listed 3rd party ETL tools all have SQL database connectivity.



  • Sorry for the confusion, the source data is from SQL Database. Can we use Anaplan Connect to automatically import data?

  • Hi,


    The above still applies, Anaplan Connect, and ETL tools can read from SQL databases. Anaplan UI cannot connect to a database, you must give a flat file if you're uploading directly to a model from the UI.



  • Thanks Jesse. Can you give more details on how to use Anaplan Connect for importing data from SQL databases? Because what I can only see is how to import flat files from the server using Anaplan Connect. 




  • Hi Renier,

    The Anaplan Connect guide provides documentation for connecting to a SQL database to extract data. It uses JDBC to connect to your database, and execute a query you define.