How to relate items to list

Hi experts 


I have problem in importing data.

The picture is sample of failure. I want to relate specific employee under regions. 

How to do this in 1 step?

thanks in advance.





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  • slhote
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    Hello Mr. Tsuyoshi,


    Yes, this is a best practice (this way you could manipulate parent levels for your modeling).


    Obviously if you don't need to manipulate parent levels (in other words just use them for display), you may create your hierarchy in one dimension.






  • Hello,


    I assume you want to place your employees under the list "Geos L1" based on your example. 


    First, you need to create a new list for your employees. In the "configure" of this employees list, you will define the "Geos L1" as its parent. 

    Once you have done this, you can import your employees into the employees list : 

    • Name: employee name
    • Code: employee code (if there is one)
    • Parent : Regions Name or Code. 



  • Hello Mr.Androi,


    Thanks for your kind help!

    I could successfully import the employees under regions!

    Also I noticed that the caution message disappeared when importing(appeared green check mark for success).


    I'd like to ask extra question, in anaplan, anytime data is under another data, additional list should be created as your proposal?