End-user file import from a dashboard


Hi all,

Just wanted to confirm if end users can use the data/import function via the little drop down arrow next to the module name on a dashboard? 

I am currently getting an error message and I am not sure what i need to "switch on" or assign for the end user to be able to run an import.

I know that often an import button is used but the document and the mapping needs to change and I am not sure that the end user will be able to change the mappings and document using a button. I also do not want to publish several import buttons to the dashboard.


Any help is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,



  • dkolka



    Please send along a screen shot of the error message and steps to repeat the problem.


    A couple of things to check initially:

    1. Make sure you (at least for testing) have Full Access in User Roles
    2. Check in Dashboard Design mode for the particular element Options > Import is checked






  • @Sneha 

    The import mapping is only available to modellers, not end users.


    The question is, why is the format different for different users?  If possible, you should provide a standard template for end users, and provide the import button as you describe.  Also try and unify the date format if possible (e.g. YYYYMMDD) if the dates format differs for different users

    A few minutes of education for end users and one extra worksheet for them to build will save you a lot of headaches