External reference of source Model while Importing model from One workspace to another workspace



I am importing a model from x workspace to y workspace. The import is successfully done. But the issue I am facing is that in the imported model of y workspace, I see that in Actions>>Import Data Source>>Source Model column there are references of source model (i.e. x workspace) for Module, List and Saved View source types.


When I checked in Source Models setting, I do not see any source model name.


So, the question is why the imported model (y workspace) is showing external linking with source model (x workspace). Also, what is the way to remove external links and link the model internally.


  • Hi @Shivam ,


    Just to understand, Have you tried  "edit"  section in the Action>>import data sources tab?




  • @Shivam 

    This does seem a little odd

    Could you post some screen shots?