Time Formatted Line Item - Custom Time Range




Is there a way to use Custom Time Ranges when creating a Time Period formatted Line Item?


I wish to display only a certain number of periods as a selection option but currently all periods are the default


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  • DavidSmith
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    Unfortunately not at this time by default.  The list of time periods is what is called the "superset" of all time periods available from the earliest date of time ranges and the model calendar to the last date of any time range or model calendar

    It is something that has been raised previously, but check in the idea exchange, and if it is not there, add it; then it will get into the system

    However, there is a workaround:

    Create a dummy time list that mirrors the time range and then create a line item, formatted as time with the formula FINDITEM(Time, Name(time period choice)) assuming the pick list was called time period choice, formatted as the dummy time list

    As a tip, I would make the dummy list format the same is the display for the main timescale,; it makes the FINDITEM simple without any manipulation

    I hope this helps