Multiple Import Actions - Same Source & Target




I wish to create 2 import Actions where it is utilising the same Source Object & Target Object but there is only 1 action (which is the last upload) and hence I need to re-map etc when I wish to perform the latter Action


The Source Object is a CSV file and which contains multiple columns. The Line-Item mapping on 1 Action uses 1 of the columns while the other action uses another column


Can I create 2 saved Actions for this purpose?


Many thanks







Best Answer


  • Hi Mark,


    You can create different saved views of the required line items of target, then import in individual saved view.



  • Thanks for the quick reply


    I created a Saved View, opened it and then went through the process of the Import but this did not create a new Action but overwrote the previous Action


    Did I misinterpret your reply?





  • Hey Mark,


    Sorry to have misunderstood you. Upon experimenting, I also experienced the similar situation.


    Since, your source is a .csv file. You can import all line items of .csv source file in a module (dummy Source module).  Create saved views in that module and import from those saved views to your target module.

    This will fulfill your requirement of multiple actions.