Issue with Anaplan Certificate and Anaplan Connector

Hello All - 


It is my understanding that the latest version of Anaplan REST APIs and Anaplan Connector (v 1.4, lets call this AC) requires a CA Certificate for authentication against Anaplan. 


As per , AC will still work with a Certificate generated  by Anaplan (not ideal but should still work. This is correct?


NOTE: Certificates generated with the Certificates tab are not Certificate Authority certificates registered by Tenant Administrators. User certificates generated with the Certificates tab use a different authentication method that is still valid with Anaplan Connect.


I'm working on data integration for our implementation so i wanted to do some testing with AC (we have SSO enabled with Non SSO Users not an option due to internal policies). 


To use AC, I  generated a Certificate on Anaplan and followed the steps on the above link to create the key store file: 


keytool -import -alias sslalias -file certificat279035226875.cer -keystore mykeysore.jks -storepass keepitsafe


The above ran w/o any issue and generate the jks file. I then passed the keystore, alias  and password to the provided sample script along with the other required params and got this error.


2019-05-23 00:44:57 DEBUG [c.a.client.Program :1678 ] 11440 |-- ======================================================================
2019-05-23 00:44:57 DEBUG [c.a.client.Program :1679 ] 11440 |-- Anaplan Connect 1.4.1
2019-05-23 00:44:57 DEBUG [c.a.client.Program :1680 ] 11440 |-- Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (Oracle Corporation)/ (25.45-b02)/
2019-05-23 00:44:57 DEBUG [c.a.client.Program :1682 ] 11440 |-- (Windows 7amd64)/6.1
2019-05-23 00:44:57 DEBUG [c.a.client.Program :1683 ] 11440 |-- ======================================================================


2019-05-23 00:44:58 ERROR [c.a.client.Program :609 ] 11440 |-- Anaplan API: Could not initialise service credentials (Unsupported operation: trusted certificate entries are not password-protected)


Did i miss a step? What could this be?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • scott.smith
    Answer ✓

    Anaplan Connect version 1.4 and higher will not work with the Anaplan issued certificate.  To continue using this certificate, version 1.3.x is the only option. 


    The Anaplan issued certificate will expire on Dec 18, 2019, this will leave version 1.3.x with Basic Authentication as the only method available.


    It is recommended that the change to the CA certificate be done as soon as possible.




  • Thanks, Scott. 


    Seems some of the Anaplan docs don't reflect this most updated info.


    We are looking into CA Certs for our implementation. 

  • Hi,

    I am not able the keystore file path from my local project folder. I am trying to use keystore file path :  src/main/resources/certificate/anaplan-keystore.jks in the Anaplan connector. But I'm getting an error "(The system cannot find the path specified)" . However I m able to access using complete folder path - C:\MuleSoft\Anaplan_Cert.


    Can anyone help on this?  How to access certificate in keystore file from my local file path? 




  • If it is already in the resources folder, you should be able to just access it via certificate/anaplan-keystore.jks file-path.